4 Week Fat Loss Accelerator

4 Week Fat Loss Accelerator - Just Dropped!

Lose fat fast for summer.
Gain strength, energy and confidence in just one month!

We’re ready to rumble! Starting 1 November we’re kicking off our 4 WEEK FAT LOSS ACCELERATOR and you’re invited to join!

  • If you’re training without a plan
  • If you’re trying to diet but don’t know what to eat
  • If you’re sick of dieting, bingeing and dieting again
  • If you just want a plan that works
  • If you want to eat real food, enjoy your real life and get real results

This one’s for you!


Lose up to 6kgs and 6cm off your waist in 4 weeks

Last time I ran this program, my athletes absolutely SMASHED it. We’re talking 6kg weight loss in 4 weeks. And not one, but TWO of my gorgeous women lost 6cm off their waist in one month. These are real women getting real results – mums, grandmothers, working women and students.

What’s Included?

Here’s what you get:

  • 4 week training program with everything you need to crush your workouts.
  • Training tracker so you can log your reps, sets and the weights you lifted – so you know you’re getting stronger every week.
  • Video demonstrations of every exercise – I talk you through each exercise with cues on how to correct your posture, what to look for and how to modify the movement if you need.
  • 4 weekly meal plans – a different meal plan every week so you’ll never get bored, and you’ll have recipes for dayzzzzzz when you complete the program.
  • More food than you know what to do with – every meal plan includes 3 meals plus snacks. You’ll never go hungry with me!
  • Goal Setting Workbook – get clear on WHY you want to make a change and how you’ll overcome your doubts. This Workbook is your bible for the next 4 weeks.
  • Weekly Progress Tracker – success is about more than scale weight. We’re improving your hydration, energy, sleep, cravings and bloating. Track your wins every single week to keep your motivation HIGH.
  • Athletist Community Facebook Group – join our team, drop in for Q&A sessions, hit me up with your questions or feedback, share your wins and get support. You’re not alone!
99 only

What If I’ve Never Lifted Weights Before?

You’re a boss for giving this a go! Weight training will CHANGE YOUR LIFE. And your bod. And your energy, confidence and posture. Prepare to take your training to the next level.

And don’t worry – I’ve got you. You’ll be using dumbbells, kettlebells and barbells, but you decide how heavy to go. Every exercise can be modified (you can even use body weight if you need) and I provide video demonstrations of every exercise. So you’ll get cues for how to position your body, how to breathe, how to perform the movement and how to modify it if you need.

Absolutely EVERYONE can do this program. Even if you’ve never lifted a barbell before. Even if you’re returning from injury. Even if you don’t think you can. I promise you, if you can carry groceries in from the car or cart a toddler around all day, you can do this program.

"To be honest I was a bit scared of the training sessions.
You pushed as you had faith in us all." 


And if you need a bit of extra help, I gotchu. Check out my VIP offer ↓

VIP Offer: Turbo-Charge Your Results with Weekly Personal Training

If you’re nervous about lifting. Or you want to really push your limits. Don’t miss this exclusive VIP offer. You’ll get weekly personal training sessions, just you and me, at the gym where I can:

  • Monitor your technique
  • Provide feedback and assistance
  • Work with you on building strength after injury, illness, children or a break from training
  • Push you harder to get results better than you even dreamed

This offer is STRICTLY LIMITED and subject to availability. 

(All training sessions take place at Fitness First Mermaid Waters. You’ll need to be a member or grab a guest pass.)


Sneak Peek - What Foods are on the Meal Plan?

I only eat delish food that The Husband can also eat. And enjoy. We don’t eat diet food, we don’t deprive our bodies or our taste buds. We only eat whole, delicious, party-in-your-mouth flavours. Every day. And heaps of it!

On this meal plan, you’ll have 3 meals per day plus snacks. It doesn’t feel like a ‘diet’. Because it isn’t one.

You’ll be eating:

  • Mexican burrito bowls
  • Buttermilk fried chicken burgers
  • Thai Chilli Basil Chicken
  • Chocolate protein mug cake
  • And so much more

“I thoroughly enjoyed the meal plan & recipes! It saved me time and decision making, knowing what I needed from the supermarket and what I was going to be eating that day! All the recipes were absolutely delightful and delicious!”


Got more questions? I’ve got answers

Q – Is this program suitable for vegans or vegetarians?

A – I’ve built the meal plans around high protein whole foods nutrition, which includes meat products. For a custom vegan or vegetarian meal plan, contact me.

Q – Is this program suitable for beginners? 

A – Absolutely! Every single exercise can be modified to your abilities and fitness levels.

Q – Will I really get results in 4 weeks?

A – You bet! Stick to the plan, follow the training program and you will absolutely lose fat, gain muscle, reduce bloating and cravings. I personally follow this reset myself whenever I need a reboot (or to conquer my sugar monsters!).

Q – Is the program suitable for guys as well as girls?

A – Yes. The beauty of training with weights is that you can push yourself to your limits. Go heavier, train with more intensity and tailor the program to your needs.

Got another question or just want to talk it through with me before signing up?
Email me directly here and I’ll call you back!


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