My Story

Hey! I’m Courtney.

I’m 45 and a mum of two. I’m a wife of two (well, not really, but I married my second husband five years ago after a harrowing divorce – but more on that later). I’m a late bloomer in the fitness world – I really only got my game on at age 38. I’m a clean eating whole foods cook who is happiest in the kitchen with my music, a full fridge and every appliance cooking up a storm. 

I’m a perfectionist. An entrepreneur. An optimist. A potty mouth. And a cheerleader for my tribe – if you’re in my circle, you will have no doubt. I love hard, protect fiercely and help others to rise up. Whether that’s my teenager struggling with homework. Or my 10 year old struggling to put down the iPad. Or my clients struggling to give up chocolate. Or my family struggling to understand why I would chuck in a perfectly good corporate career for an unstable life of personal training and entrepreneurship.

I’m an open book and I get you.

I get that you’re tired. I get that you’re confused. I get that you’re overwhelmed with keto-this and vegan-that and why did she lose weight and why can’t I lose weight and do I really need to give up wine and I can’t find time to exercise. 

I get that you feel like you’re fighting your own body. I get that you feel trapped in a prison of eating less and exercising more and still gaining weight. I get that training is one more thing on your To Do list that you’ll never get time to actually do. I get that you feel like you’re getting older and slower and how the hell can you suddenly be the parent of a tween or a teenager?

I get it. I know that feeling. All those feelings. I know it makes you feel guilty when you sneak a treat, and rebellious when you say ‘f*ck it’ and finish the bottle of wine. I know it makes you feel like you’re fighting a losing battle. I know you wonder if you’ll ever have the motivation to stick to the plan and push the limits of what you can achieve. Because I also know you feel like you are so much more than just a mum, or just a wife, or just a boss, or just a sister. You know there’s someone fierce and powerful inside. But you don’t know how to let her out.

How do I know?

Because I *am* you. I built a career, married, bought a house, bought another house, had two kids and lost myself in motherhood.

I juggled work and kids and a marriage that wasn’t quite right. 

I left the husband, lost everything and lost my relationship with family members in the fallout. I had to pick myself up, dust myself off, and try to carve a living out of self employment with two teenies while dealing with the guilt, anger, exhaustion and mind-numbing fuckery of single parenthood and a bitter ex. 

I lost my sense of self. 

I thought a mum bod was the price I paid for two whopper-burger children (3.9 and 4.2kgs a piece – I build ‘em tall and strong!). I thought I just wasn’t athletic. I thought I was unco. I hid in ball games, going deep deep field so I never had to embarrass myself dropping a catch. I was the kid who couldn’t dive, sucked at swimming and did the ‘novelty’ races in the school sports days. I hated my spaghetti arms and drumstick thighs. I wore layers to hide my post-baby belly and scarves and ‘statement necklaces’ because at least my neck was skinny 😉 

I thought my time to shine was over. 

I knew nothing. 

And if this resonates with you, neither do you. 

You have no idea how freaking amazing you can feel. You don’t know how liberating it is to stand in your own power and know that you can kick ass – in the gym, on the street, in the office. You don’t know that you can master your body, overcome your fears, rehabilitate your injuries and shout louder than your negative self-talk to become a freaking powerhouse of energy, confidence and strength.

You don’t know that you’re already an athlete. But I do. And I’ll show you how to unleash her.

Let’s go. This is your time to shine, mama. I’ve got you.


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