Six Healthy Snacks to Smash the 3pm Munchies

When the sugar monster hits, you need a healthy snack to see you through till dinnertime. Don’t succumb to the vending machine or the chocolate cravings – pack these healthy snacks in your bag/fridge/car and you’ll be powering through the afternoon.

Snacks for the sweet tooth

Choc-Nut Clusters

Healthy snacks that don’t taste healthy? We got you. Think dark salted raw chocolate, crunchy nuts and a hint of maple sweetness. There’s something about a little bit salty, little bit sweet, little bit crunchy that crushes those 3pm munchies. You can swerve the vending machine, ditch the carb-laden muffin and dodge the fake food packaged snacks with these Choc-Nut Clusters. Add your favourite nuts – we like almonds, brazil nuts and walnuts, but go for whatever suits your tastebuds.

Oh yes, these bad boys are delish with an afternoon cup of tea – just make sure you stop at one!

Peanut Butter Chocolate Cups

The original and the best. We’ve made a whole smorgasbord of flavours from this base recipe – Acai Berry, Choc Orange, After Dinner Mint, Vanilla-Macadamia – but we always come back to the original peanut butter and chocolate cup standard. When something’s this good, why fix it?

To tempt kids to eat a healthy snack that doesn’t LOOK healthy, try silicon moulds. We call these ones ‘Choc Stars for the Rock Stars’.

Peanut Butter Chocolate Cups

Snacks for the savoury nut

Roasted Cauliflower Hummus

Hummus? Houmous? Humous? Hommos? Whatever you want to call it, however you want to spell it, have a stash of this low carb, vitamin packed cauliflower dip in your fridge and you’ve got a healthy snack to crush even the worst 3pm munchies.

We swapped the traditional chickpeas for roasted cauliflower, for a lower-carb solution that packs an antioxidant punch. Full of fibre, B-vitamins and minerals and only 5g of carb for every 100g.

Chop your favourite veggies into dipping sticks, bung a spoonful of hummus in a Tupperware container and this is an afternoon snack for work, after-school, post-workout or when you’re chained to your desk.

Roasted Cauliflower Hummus

Corn Thins with Almond Butter and Banana

Alright, so it’s actually kinda sweet, but the base is savoury. Spread corn thins with peanut or almond butter and sliced banana, top with cinnamon and you’ve got a snack that tastes like dessert and packs a macro hit of carbs, protein and fat.

Just make sure your nut butter is 100% pure, raw butter. Avoid the commercial packaged nasties with added preservatives, additives and sweeteners. Pure nut butter is sweet enough.

P.S. For a swap that tastes a little like cinnamon donuts, switch out the banana for finely sliced Granny Smith apple (skin on), sprinkle with cinnamon and a touch of maple syrup. Yum. Ok, that one goes firmly in the sweet tooth category too.

If you like it savoury, try topping with shaved turkey breast, avocado and a little cranberry sauce.

Corn Thins with Banana

For healthy snacking on the run

Green Energy Smoothie

We drink this on the daily, but rather than slamming it at breakfast, chuck it in a mason jar and save it for your afternoon snack. It will smash the sugar monster right in the chops with its zingy, sweet, tart taste and delivers a shed-load of nutrients to your 3pm snack.

This crushes sugar cravings and it will fill you up. No joke.

Green Energy Smoothie

Choconana Protein Shake

Protein powder and water? Blah. Protein powder, banana, maca powder and almond milk? Now we’re talking. This is a meal in a glass, perfect if you’re training after work or flagging after a mammoth day chasing kids or deadlines.

We go for Bulk Nutrients because it’s cheap and their delivery is FAST. WPI for max protein, less carbs and fillers. And chocolate flavour. Because we’re not monsters.

Choconana Protein Shake

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