WTF is Athletist?


What the hell is this brand, Courtney, and why did you make it such a hard name?

If you’ve ever wondered where the name Athletist came from. Or if you’re new around here and you didn’t even realise that was my company name. Well here’s the lowdown on Athletist.

1. You pronounce it ATHLETE – IST

Let’s get this sorted. It’s Athlete-ist. Like Perfection-ist. Or Real-ist. Or Positiv-ist. You get the drift.

Why Athletist? Because those three little letters – ist – “denote a person who practices or is concerned with something, or holds certain principles, doctrines etc.” And that’s me. I uphold some serious mother effing principles:

  • You are an athlete
  • I am an athlete
  • If you eat for a purpose and train with intention, you are an athlete
  • We can all strive for better, stronger, fitter and faster
  • We can all prioritise our health and wellbeing
  • We all have incredible power and strength inside, just waiting to be unleashed

And to be perfectly honest, I’m an extremist, a perfectionist and a whole lotta other ‘-ists’ so Athletist suits me just fine.

2. No, I’m not atheist

I’ve had a few people say, ‘Oh! I thought that said Atheist!’ Likes it’s a bad thing. Or any kind of thing. I’m not an atheist (I’m actually a spiritual hippy), but when it comes to fitness I’d call myself an agnostic – I’m not loyal to any one protocol, sport or training modality. You do you. 

But actually, when it comes to achieving your fitness goals, maybe I am a bit of an atheist. I don’t believe in a god who will get you there. You can’t pray for results. There’s no magic pill or divine intervention other than hard work. And while you might say ‘Oh my god!’ when you train with me or ‘Oh sweet baby Jesus’ when I rack up the barbell for you, I don’t believe in one single god. But I do believe in you.

3. It’s bigger than me

Why not just call my company Courtney Robinson Fitness? Or CPR Fitness (how ironic that my initials spell CPR, right?) Or any other variant of my name?

A – because I’m not an Instagram influencer.

B – my name is important to me but not so much to anyone else in the big wide world.

C – this is bigger than me. I’ve got big freaking dreams and plans, and it’s way more than just sole-trader-Courtney. It’s my husband, swim coach Todd Robinson. It’s retreats. It’s events. It’s a training academy. It’s a publishing platform. It’s a brand. So it needed a bigger entity than just my name.

4. Everyone has an athlete inside

I’m for women who want more. Who want to push limits and see where their physical boundaries lie. Who say ‘fuck it, I’ll have a crack’. 

And I’m your cheerleader pushing you forward and encouraging you to own your inner athlete. 

Let her rip, girl! 

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